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An Alliance of Neighborhoods and Community Organizations
The Alliance is dedicated to creating safe, attractive, and resilient neighborhoods. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grass roots community resource that focuses on strengthening neighborhoods through connecting, communicating, coordinating, collaborating and celebrating. To that end, the individuals living in a neighborhood determine the boundaries of that neighborhood, even if these boundaries are not consistent with official land use or planning documents.

Our Goal is to stimulate caring, sharing, communicating and the functioning of our neighborhoods.
[ Alliance Projects ] nurture and promote neighborhood safety, education, gardens, food storage, self-reliant economies, green living, and facilities of beauty.

Silver City Active Neighborhood (SCAN)
SC Active NeighborhoodThe new Silver City Active Neighborhoods program kicks off September 1, 2014. Talk with your neighbors about how you might create a project and, when it's complete, receive recognition, and a little money to help defray costs. Neighbors (you decide the boundaries) must create an organization by registering with the Neighborhood Alliance and designing your own mission statement. Take a look at the registration form, the project application, and the evaluation form for how your neighborhood can become an award winning Silver City Active Neighborhood!
[ Registration/Application Forms PDF ].
The goals of the SCAN program are to:
  1. Increase the participant's identification with the neighborhood
  2. Promote cohesiveness of the neighborhood by working together to solve problems
  3. Increase neighborhood safety
  4. Enhance the attractiveness of the neighborhood
  5. Have fun, be creative, and get to know your neighbors.
SC Neighborhood Alliance Directors:
Kathy Anderson, President
Mary Ann Marlar, 1st Vice President
William Joseph, 2nd Vice President
Denise Friedrick, Secretary
Billie Turrieta, Treasurer
Beth Ann Moyer, Chair, SCAN
Kendra Milligan, Director at Large
Mike Jimenez, Director at Large